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CautionThis video contains images of flashing thighs, goofy grins and weird steppy dancing.

I was brought up to believe that it’s OK to lie so long as it makes someone feel better or it’s funny.  My grandad was the biggest liar I’ve known.

So who is the biggest liar in modern times?  Bernie Madoff, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, George W. Bush, Lance Armstrong, Jimmy Savile . . . nominations please.

 Swell, the new novel by Rivenrod

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Subtle manipulation of reality: Part 2

CocaCola2022As well as politicians, Advertisers too are always good for a bit of truth twisting.  They are at least complicit in the big lies.

Greed is good: Coke’s the Sweet Thing (and ethical too!): banks really do help you Loan Your Own Home: no-one died stitching sweat-shop shirts: Nestlé truly is the Nutrition, Health and Wells company that never steals anyone’s water: Utterly But-plasticky really does taste like butter despite being only a molecule away from a plastic door knob . . .

A recent advertising campaign for a major global, tax evading, fast food charnel house shows a child of about ten years old being scolded by his mum and dad for splashing through puddles in the great outdoors, jumping around on a bed and climbing trees.  He’s told off for doing anything remotely healthy, mind expanding and child-like.  Though the lad is obviously a tad grumpy, he nevertheless complies with his parent’s wishes because he knows which side his bread’s buttered.  In the meantime, his doting parents reward their monumentally sycophantic offspring by taking him to a fast food joint where they watch him stuff his face with chemically modified, biologically androgynous, big fat juicy MacDonald’s burgers.  Mum and Dad, smiling sickly, congratulate themselves, and join in a chorus of “that’s my boy”.

Coronary Heart Disease has become the biggest killer in the western world the scale of which, despite 21st Century advances in medicine, is without historical precedent. And that’s no lie.

Swell, my new novel.

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Subtle manipulation of reality: Part 1

TentaclesLike everyone, it would be impossible for me to participate in every day life without ever experiencing someone attempting to mess with my head.

Whatever gets them off, different strokes for different folks. But who are these people?

One thing I know about them, they are everywhere.  Right here, in this very place, by the window, on the phone, that grey/black woman selling chocolate and hate Mail, the one eyed chugger hunting down the main chance.  Sometimes “they” are you and me.

The standard culprits are, of course, Politicians.  Their entire reason for existing seems to be to reconstruct what we think we know about this world to fit their own often extremely twisted views.  They cause mischief and mayhem, sometimes worse, without care or conscience and certainly no fear of ever being held accountable.

These Low Lifes move in high circles.  A British politician, a Minister in Government*, was recently exposed for misleading Parliament no less than 28 times over a very short period of time.  Even the name he goes by is a fabrication.  Has he been sanctioned? No.  Will he ever be brought to justice? No.

Sadly, in Britain, it’s considered bad form to publicly denounce our esteemed leaders for lying.  In this so called bastion of democracy we are gagged by our own genetic proclivities.

But, in this at least, our silence does not mean acceptance.  Silence is forced upon us.

Swell, my new novel.

*an extreme right wing government inflicted on the good people of this country by the vast MINORITY of voters at the last General Election.
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Sheer genius . . .

Swell, the new novel by Rivenrod

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Swell: inspiration#2


“Rivenrod is a master storyteller.  His words are punctures of light made intensely riveting by shining in the sombre spaces of our minds.  They inspire us to blissfully defend what is improbable.”  Yoran Lanchenko

Swell, the new novel by Rivenrod

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Tentacular papercuts


Book sculpture: Art or vandalism?


Top: Flutter 2007 / Devotion series by Jacqueline Rush Lea

Bottom: Lotisaul / Las Defensas de Las Plantas by Barbara Wildenboer

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Swell: inspiration

“From his words grows a kind of music that envelopes the spirit and tugs at everything we think we know about the world, worrying away at us until eventually we perceive things differently.”  Tatiana Kassesinova

Swell, the new novel by Rivenrod

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