Christmas frolics

No one needs an excuse to party especially not us poor shivering blue skinned folks in the northern hemisphere.  No, the holiest of holidays calls for shinnanigans and japes, mischief and mayhem just as much as  firelight, romance, love and generosity and, of course, an over indulgent abundance of pies.  Pies of every hue, shade and complexity.  The world was built on pies.  Actually it wsn’t, not really, according to Inuits North America is built on the back of a giant turtle.  Bah!  Who cares, it’s Christmas, it’s Party time and that means it’s High Time for Pie Time!

And so, in the single malt spirit of wishing everyone, wherever you may be on land, sea or in the air, a Very Merry Christmas!

Better the devils we know we can’t trust

LiarsNo doubt about it, we are pathologically and obstinately drawn to liars.

Every five years or so a bunch of fraudulent degenerates represent themselves as the very models of moral fortitude and put themselves up for election to sit in the Great British Parliament. Like discount market traders they scramble to display their wares in the most beguiling of fashions whilst declaring that they take everything “very seriously indeed” especially equality, openness and honesty. With every speech, every slight of hand, they would have us believe that only scroungers, layabouts, criminals and the terminally demented could possibly disagree with their propagandism no matter how absurd. They bend over backwards to repeatedly reinforce what they cajole us into believing we want to hear. Continue reading

Subtle manipulation of reality: unfamiliar becomes familiar

FamiliarExtract from Swell by Rivenrod, page 60

“He had first taken notice of her some two months earlier but only in the way a person might sense rather than truly see an object has been added to a familiar landscape. Over the following two weeks, day by day, she gradually seeped into his consciousness until, like pavements and kerb stones, she also became a staple component of his routine walk to work. After a few more days, he caught himself deliberately seeking her out and the thought and vision of her grew within him. He transfixed her to his mind, knitting images and dreamy impressions of her into his swelling desires and yet no words had passed between them. Whenever there was a close encounter and one of them became aware of their proximity to the other they would not exchange glances or smiles but turn their eyes to the pavement or to their separate shadows and give a discrete nod of the head as if preoccupied with more important matters. For want of knowing her real name he called her Poppy which seemed to match her wispy blonde hair, pale green eyes and full red lips.” [more]

Music: “Cuban Dance” by Estas Tonne   Picture: “Familiar”

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When its not a lie but a different kind of truth



Lies or just a different kind of truth?  Whatever the context and however transparent the intention to mislead, each of these statements has a grain of truth buried in it’s obfuscation.  But does that grain of truth negate the intention to manipulate our feelings, our sense of proportion?  Is it not the purpose of liars to impose upon us something absurdly anomalous, repeating it often enough, so that in the end we actually believe it to be true and above all normal. Continue reading

Art: Jones: fake|fame|fake|fame

This is one piece from a series of four mixed media works I have created which explore the nature of reality and how easily perception may be manipulated.


Look carefully because what you see may not be as it seems.

Music: Blackstar by Bowie
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Equivalent is not the same as being equal


Logically this equasion appears to be correct but it is in fact wrong – 5×4 is equivalent to 20 not 5+5+5+5.

To come up with the wrong answer required the application of simple logic – question (before the equal sign) and therefore the answer is (after the equal sign).  Except it isn’t.  It may be said that the brain worked too fast because it already calculated the sum of 5+5+5+5 and presented 20 as the answer even though the calculation is not the question being asked.  Continue reading

Subtle manipulation of reality: reminiscences

DustyCornerExtract from Swell by Rivenrod, page 22
“And what of his treasure, his prized flotsam, objects he has rescued by chance, old things people have thrown away or misplaced? His hut is crammed full of them – nuts and bolts, hubcaps and tin boxes – but what is it about this stuff that so appeals to him? It’s unlikely any one of those items is a memento of a special occasion or to help recall the foibles and fancies of someone dearly departed because, if only for the one reason, there are far too many of them. A clue to his purpose might lie in us knowing he went to no particular trouble choosing them, in fact he did not choose them at all, not those specific things. But rather like the discarded newspaper he collects every night, it feels to him more that they choose him and so, as far as he is concerned, the perfume bottles and hubcaps could just as easily be bird’s eggs and bubblegum wrappers. What can be explained about his various collections, or treasures as he prefers to think of them, is that he actually needs things – any type of thing – to assign certain stories and reminiscences to, whether real or imagined, and those particular things just happened to be around at the time. Of course, if that were the case, he could change what they mean to him at any time if he wanted.” [more]

Music: “Pretending” by Eric Clapton   Picture: “Dusty corner” by Gilbert & George 1975 (+ info)
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