Being Human: Deja vu

Finally . . .


66cm x 122cm | Graphite and acrylics on handmade paper.

(C) Rivenrod 2014


The first question is “why” then, perhaps, a slow dawning that we are all subject to human nature which most people blithely accept even as it destroys us.  By all means we can care, commiserate, despise, love and hate but still nothing will happen until something is done.



All the elements that have ever been created already exist and will always exist in the universe.  It is also true that the shape these elements take may be altered and combined in an infinite number of ways to create people, dogs and everything else animate and inanimate.  When the combination of elements comprising a physical human being cease to function and the body disintegrates, it’s reasonable to assume that the components may combine in a different way.  It is equally conceivable that the new combination of those same elements may become what is often described as a ghost.

Stuff makes life worse

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Being human: Premonition



Being human: Premonition – Graphite on rag paper

(C) Rivenrod 2014

I think this world should end

A man’s a man for a’ that . . .

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